Greta Thunberg Criticised Over Her Twitter Post On German Trains

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The teen climate activist Greta Thunberg faced yet another wave of criticism over her Twitter post about German trains being 'overcrowded' on December 14.

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:
Greta Thunberg

The teen climate activist Greta Thunberg faced yet another wave of criticism over her Twitter post about German trains on December 14. Thunberg, who is currently on her way back home after tireless protests around the world had posted a picture sitting on the floor with luggage and called trains in Germany as 'overcrowded'. However, quickly after her post, the German rail company tweeted to put an end on the speculations of Thunberg's travel in their 'eco-friendly' trains and claimed that 'it would have been nicer' if Thunberg had mentioned that she travelled in first-class. 

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As soon as the clarification was made by the rail company, Thunberg faced harsh criticism for 'acting' or 'lying' in order to push her agenda. The 16-year-old environmentalist then said that 'overcrowded trains is a great sign' and broke down her journey. Thunberg claimed that her train from Basel was taken out, therefore for two different trains, she sat on the floor. It was only after Göttingen that she got the seat that the company mentioned.

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Thunberg takes 'holiday break'

Thunberg has declared that she will take a 'holiday break' on December 13 in Turin. While talking to the reporters at the end of her rally, Thunberg said that 'you need to take rest' or else the activists will be unable to do this 'all the time'. The tireless 16-year-old has been protesting all over the world, urging students to go on 'climate strike' on Fridays and has travelled to several countries in an environment-friendly mode of conveyance. Finally, after a year, Thunberg has announced to take a break from all the protesting and go home. 

Thunberg further said that 2019 is almost over and the environmentalist wants 2020 to be the 'year of action'. She hopes to bend the global emissions curve by putting 'pressure' on those who are in power and make sure that they 'act' and 'take full responsibility'. 

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