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Hong Kong Shop Offers 'tear Gas' Flavour Ice Cream In Support Of Pro-democracy Protests

Recently a Hong Kong shop reportedly offered tear gas flavour ice cream in which the main ingredient included black peppercorns that reminded of protests.

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Recently a Hong Kong shop reportedly offered tear gas flavour ice cream in which the main ingredient included black peppercorns which also reminded of the peppery rounds fired by the police on the streets of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory during months of widespread demonstrations last year. Anita Wong, a customer reportedly said that the ice cream tastes like tear gas and made her feel difficult to breathe as it's pungent and irritating. Wong who experienced tear gas at a protest reportedly said that it reminded her of the painful days of the protest which can't be forgotten. 

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Tear gas flavour

According to the international media reports, the shop's owner said that the flavour is a sign of support for the pro-democracy movement which is again gaining its momentum during the coronavirus pandemic. The owner of the shop reportedly spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid any kind of repercussions from the pro-Beijing government. 

He added that this move would remind people that they still have to persist in the protest movement and don’t lose their passion. He reportedly tried various flavours,  including wasabi and mustard, in an effort to make taste similar to tear gas. The 31-year-old owner reportedly said that they roast and grind black peppercorns and make them into gelato. 

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Protesters gathered

As the coronavirus threat eases in Hong Kong, hundreds of protesters gathered in shopping malls across the city on May 13, defying the coronavirus social distancing norms, to mock the Chief Executive Carrie Lam on her 63rd birthday. According to reports, the pro-democracy protests against Lam were renewed to reiterate the five demands that were at the front of the mass protests that dominated 2019.

The protestors holding up five fingers, reiterated the five demands which included; Withdrawing the controversial extradition bill, setting up an independent commission of inquiry into police brutality, amnesty for protesters who had been arrested, a halt to the government’s categorisation of the protests as riots and the implementation of universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Out of these, the withdrawal of the extradition bill has been done.

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