House Listing Goes Viral After Real Estate Agent Photobombs Images

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A house listing in Michigan became an internet sensation, seemingly out of the blue. The property's unique appearance in photographs gives it a haunted vibe

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A house listing in the US state of Michigan has become an internet sensation, seemingly out of the blue. The property's unique appearance in photographs and in real life makes it seem like a haunted house, which is the reason behind the images of the house going viral. The house that has been displayed is listed in Lansing, Michigan which has four bedrooms and one bathroom. In the photo from the listing, a person can be seen covering himself with a mask and a cloak that is reportedly inspired from the 'Scream' franchise. The man in the photo has been identified as James Pyle, who is a real estate agent. He can be seen with the mask and a full black outfit, collecting leaves, hanging inside and just being a normal guest.

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Pictures included in the official listing to gain attention

The hilarious pictures have been included in the official listing which has gained quite a bit of attention. To an utter surprise, the man behind the mask is the real estate agent named James Pyle and the photographer is Bradley Johnson, according to a state journal. The pair's plan was to create a buzz about the house which was originally established in 1911 and priced at $105,000.
Pyle said that he had a target to reach 1000 views. He added that he wanted the people to come across this listing and smile, laugh and have fun with it. The reaction has been a lot of fun. He said he wanted to do this plan for quite a long time as Halloween is one of his favourite holidays.

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About Lansing, Michigan

Lansing is the capital city of Michigan. It is mostly in Ingham County although some portions of the city extend west into Eaton County and north into Clinton County. According to the 2010 census, the city's population was at 114297, making it the fifth-largest city in Michigan. The Lansing metropolitan area colloquially referred to as "Mid-Michigan", is an important centre for educational, cultural, governmental, commercial, and industrial functions.

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