Internet Sensation 'Blinking Guy' Asks For Donations To Raise Funds

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Drew Scanlon, 33, also known as the social media sensation 'blinking guy' took to the internet to ask for donations.

Written By Sounak Mitra | Mumbai | Updated On:
Blinking Guy

Drew Scanlon, 33, also known as 'the blinking guy' has been a favourite on social media for years. He's also known as “White Guy Blinking", the viral 'baffled eyed' GIF which people use to express confusion when they think someone is ignorant or stupid. The world has used his expression for fun for years. Scanlon, who had nothing to do with making the GIF, generally stayed under the radar. People did not recognize him in public.

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Scanlon sent a tweet and asked the world for a favour

In 2013, a man sat down to play a video game on a live-stream and four years later his reaction of blinking went viral on the internet. Scanlon sent out a tweet on Thursday by saying he is the actual blinking guy and asked the world for a favour. He wrote, "Hi Internet! I'm Drew and THIS IS MY FACE. If this GIF has ever brought you joy in the past, I humbly ask you to consider making a donation to the National MS Society. It would mean a lot to me and to those I know affected by the disease!"He said that he never used the meme before because he felt like he doesn't own it, after finishing a 120-mile bike ride fundraiser for multiple sclerosis. He added that the internet made it and found it convenient to use.

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Scanlon: It would be not cool for me to use the GIF 

He always said that it would be not cool for him to use the GIF as he thought it was a bit scary as it went so viral all over social media. But he changed his mind last week as he was gearing up for a two-day ride in support of two close friends who have MS, one recently diagnosed. Scanlon who resides in San Francisco, during his bike ride through Northern California updated his status when he took breaks encouraging the people to donate. People responded to his status with wide support and many were astonished that Scanlon whose profile picture doesn’t mirror the wide-eyed, fresh-faced man in the GIF was the original Blinking Guy. Scanlon raised about $25000 while last year he did the same ride and raised about $7000.

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