Instagram Couple Hangs Off Cliff In Risky Pic, Netizens Not Impressed

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An Instagram travel couple was slammed by netizens for posting ‘dangerous’ pictures and putting one’s life in danger to seek 'attention' on the internet.

Written By Kunal Gaurav | Mumbai | Updated On:

An Instagram travel couple was slammed by netizens for posting ‘dangerous’ pictures and putting one’s life in danger to seek 'attention' on the internet. The American couple lives in Bali and works as travel bloggers. Kelly Castille and Kody Workman, famous on Instagram as travel couple, post pictures of vacation and adventurous sports on their profile @positravelty. On August 28, they posted a picture clicked at Laguna Humantay, Peru, where Koddy can be seen holding Kelly as she hangs off a cliff.

“We urge you to take a chance, to push past barriers of negativity and oppression of self-fulfillment and paint the picture of who YOU want to be. Never let yourself be beat down for living your life by those too afraid to live their own. There is a difference between risking your life and taking a risk at having one. We know which side we would rather be on, do you? (sic),” they wrote along with the picture.

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Users not impressed

Instagram users were clearly not impressed with the picture and made the couple aware in the comments section that received more than 1500 comments. While some of the users called them ‘stupid people’ and ‘two idiots in action’, others minced no words to express there point of view. “I think people fail to understand that this is it for y’all. Your interaction with your fan base is pathetic, you are clearly very, very stupid and simply want to chase clout in this fashion because you have nothing else to offer the world in terms of intelligence or anything constructive," a user wrote.

"And that’s ok. At this point, I don’t think anyone will be surprised to hear you get injured, like that dumb girl in Mexico who fell off her apartment balcony while taking a stupid pic just like this one. And please - dangling yourself off a cliff for attention from strangers on the internet is not living life to the fullest. It’s taking a picture of a moment where you did something really stupid for attention (sic),” the user added.

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Criticism wrapped up in appreciation

There were some users who appreciated the picture but pointed out the problem with such photographs. “I can appreciate this picture because it's beautiful. The problem is that pictures like these inspire people to do dangerous things. Quite a few people die every year from trying to get a great picture to post. It would be unfortunate if someone attempted this and fell. Best wishes:)” wrote another user. Some of the users felt that the guy, Koddy, always puts the life of Kelly in danger while he should be the one taking the risk. “Ummm... isn't the guy supposed to the one risking life and limb instead of dangling a woman over a cliff?” commented a user. Another user wrote, “I just feel bad that your boyfriend feels the need to always put you in harms way, why are you the one always hanging off while he is sitting (sic),”

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Not the first time

This is not the first time that the couple has been criticised for posting such pictures on Instagram. In April, the couple posted a photograph where Workman can be seen holding Kelly by her arms over a three-edged infinity pool. “all their photos appear to risk HER life...not chivalrous!!! but will he change her diaper when she severs her spine & is paralyzed???” wrote a user.

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