Iran's Supreme Leader Denounces Arab Countries Backing Trump's Middle East Plan

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Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on February 5 that Arab leaders who support Donald Trump's peace plan for the Middle East are 'incompetent'.

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Days after United States President Donald Trump unveiled his long-awaited Middle East peace plan alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it has sparked reactions globally. While Palestinian leaders have already rejected Trump's 'deal of the century', Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on February 5 that Arab leaders who support the plan are 'incompetent'. 

Khameini further said that the gulf nations who agree with US President's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan have 'no respect among own nation'. The Iranian Supreme leader has also accused the 'arrogant powers' to make 'Palestine forgotten' with their peace plan. However, according to Khameini, it had a reverse effect as the world is now talking about Palestinians and their rights. 

The peace plan devised by Trump administration proposes to create the State of Palestine with its capital in east Jerusalem while acknowledging the sovereignty of Israel over important settlement blocs in the West Bank.  

Called Trump's deal 'foolish'

Not only did Khameini think Trump's 'vision for peace' in the Middle East is 'foolish' but he also said that it indicates 'viciousness and manipulation' of the US. Iranian supreme leader thinks Trump negotiated with 'zionists' over something that belongs to Palestinians. The leaders in Palestine had said earlier that the deal deserved to go into the 'dustbin of the history'. 

Denouncing the plan proposed by US President even further, Khameini said that it will 'die before Trump dies'. According to Iran's supreme leader, the deal will 'not' have any result and is 'doomed to failure'. He also believes that 'Palestine belongs to Palestinians' and questioned who are others 'to make a decision on it'. 

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Mousavi calls deal 'treason of century'

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi not only denounced the peace plan, which according to Trump will put an end to one of the oldest ongoing wars, between Israelis and Palestinians but called it a betrayal to the Islamic community. He further called the peace truce as 'shameful' and 'treason of the century'.

According to the official website, Mousavi said, “The Zionist regime is a usurper and occupying regime, and the only way to settle the Palestinian crisis will be holding a referendum among the main inhabitants of the Palestinian land, and such vicious plans are doomed to defeat.” 

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Arab countries on peace truce

Saudi Arabia's foreign ministry had released a statement saying the kingdom acknowledges the efforts of US President to develop a 'comprehensive peace plan' between both the sides and putting end to one of the oldest ongoing wars in the history. 

According to the international news agency, Salman of Saudi Arabia reportedly talked to Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas on the telephone and stressed on the kingdom's steadfast stance on the Palestinian issue along with rights of Palestinian people.

Jordan has reportedly given a calm reaction to the peace plan, while Egypt which was the first Arab country to reach a peace deal with the Jewish state, has urged Israelis and Palestinians to carefully study the peace deal. The UAE's ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba issued a strikingly positive response to Trump's plan and called it a 'starting point'.

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