US Rep. Jackie Speier Claims Plane Crash Was 'collateral Damage' For Trump's Actions

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Rep. Jackie Speier, a US Representative from California has blamed Trump for tragic crash of the Ukranian passenger jet calling it 'collateral damage'.

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Rep. Jackie Speier

Jackie Speier, a US Representative from California has blamed President Donald Trump for the tragic crash of the Ukranian passenger jet.  According to Speier, the Ukranian passenger jet was 'collateral damage' in Iran's response to the US assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

Plane crash was caused by Trump's actions claims Jackie Speier

Many believe that Iran used Russian hardware to shoot down the Ukranian plane on Wednesday. Spier who is a member of the House Intelligence Committee while speaking to local media confirmed that she had been briefed on the plane crash. She also stated that she was made privy to classified intelligence concerning the claim by U.S. officials that the plane was accidentally brought down by an Iranian anti-aircraft missile strike.

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To this, she added that if this claim was proven true then that would put the blame of the crash squarely on the shoulders of Trump. She claimed that the Ukranian plane crash and all the lives on board that were lost would just be another example of collateral damage from the actions taken by the United States.

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When asked if the shooting down of the plane would lead to heightened tensions in the region, Speier claimed that the killing of Solemani was counterproductive to the attainment of peace in the region. She said that the killing of Solemani would not yield any major results in terms of deterring the Iranians and their activities.

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Speier admitted that there were bad actors, she conceded that Iran, as well as Solemani, were bad actors but the whole Middle East was full of bad actors. Speier said she believes that the US has to find a way to live together and move towards peace.
She believes that the situation needs to be de-escalated by the US President and that he has to stop 'Saber-rattling' and begin negotiations with Iran.

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