'So Incredible': Komodo Dragon Gives Birth To Triplets Without Male Partner

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In a strange incident, a female komodo dragon has amazingly given birth to triplets at Chattanooga Zoo without the help of a male partner, as per reports.

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So incredible

In a strange incident, a female komodo dragon has given birth to triplets without the help of a male partner. According to the reports, the female lizard, named Charlie, went through a DNA test that revealed that her three babies were fully, biologically hers. The experts at the zoo placed a male lizard in Charlie's nest with the hope of the pair breeding before the birth of the triplets. But, the female showed no interest. The zoo officials believe that the triplets were conceived by parthenogenesis, an asexual reproduction process that happens from an ovum without fertilization by sperm.

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It is a normal process in some invertebrates and lower plants. The Chattanooga Zoo officials shared the news on their official Instagram account and the babies were named Onyx, Jasper and Flint. Some users reacted to the Instagram post. A user wrote, "Love them! Great photos!". Another wrote, "So, how do I adopt one of these cuties?!". Another wrote, "Wow!! So incredible". 
Komodo dragons are mostly found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores and Gili Motang.

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Membership scheme introduced

Earlier, the Indonesian government reversed its announcement of the closure of Komodo island and introduced a membership scheme to visit the home of Komodo dragons. According to the authorities, $1,000 membership fee will be charged but the precise details of the scheme have not been made public, quoted a global broadcaster. In July this year, the government had planned the closure of the island for a year, starting January 2020. 

The governor of East Nusa Tenggara Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat said that the island will remain open but the visitors have to take a $1000 membership scheme. Currently, the tourists are charged around $10 to enter the land of Komodo dragons. An Indonesian news agency reported that the membership scheme will be at two levels, premium and non-premium. While the premium members will be allowed to Komodo island, also known as ‘Dragon Island’, the non-premium members will be allowed to visit other islands in Komodo national park, except Komodo island.

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