Fish Climbs Over Wall In A Video, Netizens Say "that Fish Will Turn Into A Dragon"

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In an unusual incident, a video shared on Reddit showed a fish climbing a wall. The fish manages to climb the wall while there is water flowing over it

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In an unusual incident, a video shared on social media platform Reddit showed a fish climbing a wall. In the video, the fish manages to climb a wall while there is water continuously flowing over it. Towards the end, the fish manages to reach the top of the wall. Although the video left a lot of people surprised and a few even found the incident hilarious.

"That fish will turn into a dragon"

A few people posted hilarious comments in relation to the video.

One person said, “That fish will turn into a dragon".

Another replied and said, “I think this is how dragons are made!”.

“According to a lot of mythology, that fish is about to become a dragon,” wrote a third reddit user.

A few other people talked about the fish's struggle after reaching the top of the wall and one even said, “Imagine how disappointed he must be to have realized what he had worked so hard for was for naught".

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School of fishes swim upstream

In a surprising video, social media users were surprised by a video uploaded by Indian Forest Service Official Parveen Kaswan. The video showed a school of fishes swimming upstream. According to the post that was posted on Twitter, the video was shot by Kalesh Sadasivam.

The video has already been shared more than 700 times and garnered over 2,000 likes.

Social media users and Twitterati were amazed by the way the small hillstream fishes were braving the strong currents and called the video inspiring.

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