Man Sips Beer At Bar, Unruffled By Armed Robber Pointing Gun

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During an armed robbery in Behrmann’s Tavern in St. Louis on August 28, a man became an internet sensation for calmly sipping his beer during the incident

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:

A man, now dubbed the World’s Chillest Man, has become an internet sensation for his reaction to an armed robbery. CCTV footage showed armed robbers breaking into Behmann’s Tavern in St. Louis on August 28. Most of the patrons raised their arms in fear and complied with the robbers. However our hero simply lit his cigarette calmly and continues to sip his beer, totally unaffected by what was happening around him, surviving the incident unscathed. 

The Robbery

The CCTV footage of the robbery in Behrmann's Tavern was shared by facebook user, John Kimack. The man now denoted as the 'World's Chillest Man' has been identified as Tony Tovar, a resident of St. Louis.

The robbers frightened almost everyone, who raised their hands and gave in to the threat. However, Tony is seen refusing to the gunman to give his wallet and then lights his cigarette and drinks his beer even when the man just beside him is being threatened. Tony is also seen refusing to get up from the chair while everyone else was following the orders.

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Bar robbery went viral

The video was posted on August 28 on Facebook. Due to the popularity of the video combined with the efforts of police authorities, the robber was arrested in just two days.

This bar robbery has given Netizens a new star to celebrate for his carefree attitude and hardheadedness. Netizens have called Tony Tavar as the “fearless madman” and want to have a beer with him. 

While others are just simply hoping to be as cool as Tony once in their lives.

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Some internet users are also contemplating his thought process and guessing that he might not have anything to lose behind his 'no fear' approach. However, Netizens believe that ice flows in Tony's veins.

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What was the 'World's Chillest Man' thinking?

Unphased by the incident, Tony Tovar has reportedly said that he was had a strong feeling that the gunman wasn't going to hurt anybody, even while the gunman was standing next to him and pointing his gun at Tony. Evidently, when the robber asked for money, Tony was seen talking to him. Tony told the gunman that he just has $2 and it was for his next beer.

Tony Tovar and his love for a chilled beer in a bar has given Millenials their new hero. One of the internet users, actually believes that “he is the hero we need right now”.

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