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Twitter Speechless After Robber Holds Up Two Banks With Ripe Avocado. Here's Exactly What Happened

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Published:


  • A bank robber in Israel allegedly burglarised two banks by threatening the staff with an avocado which he claimed was a grenade

A bank robber in Israel allegedly burglarized two banks by threatening the staff with an avocado which he claimed was a grenade. The thief has been identified as a 47-year-old man and has reportedly stolen almost $8,400 from two banks in Beersheba with his avocado that he painted black along with a misspelled handwritten note demanding money from the bank teller. "Hand over the money in the drawer", the note read. After which he would threaten to throw the grenade.

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The act has left Twitter speechless, many of whom who took to social media to express their shock. While one user felt that it was the work of a "millennial robber", the other one remarked saying, "Doesn't he know the nickname for a grenade is pineapple"? 

Less than a week later, the man pulled the same stunt using the imposter grenade at another bank, and successfully stole more than $3,300, the news outlet reported. Investigators were able to track the man's cell phone, and identified him as a former convict who previously served three years for robbery.

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