Man Waters Late Wife's Plants, Finds Out They're Plastic Years Later

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An emotional incident has gone viral over the internet is a woman who told her husband to water her plants after she passes away and her beloved husband does it

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In a bizarre incident that has gone viral over the internet, a man found out that the plants he'd been watering turned out to be plastic. The man had done so as it was his wife's last wish before she passed away. His daughter Antonia tweeted about the incident.

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Antonia's tweet gained huge attention

Her tweet gained huge attention after her late mother's plants went viral. Antonia Nicol works as a firefighter at the London Fire Brigade. The tweet has received over 27000 retweets and 87000 likes as people emotionally connected with the story. Antonia's mother, Phedre Fitton, passed away when she was 69 after struggling five years with cancer. Her daughter said that she had fought cancer for five years and ultimately it beat her at the end of November 2013. She said her parents resided in South Africa while she stayed in London. She added that it was a difficult time for all of them.

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The users sent a message to Antonia with compassion and good faith

She said that when her dad found out that he had been watering plastic plants for years, it was so funny for all of us and made them feel like her mother was still with them. The users sent a message to Antonia with compassion and good faith. She said the response from the people was generally positive and helped her to reminisce about the old memories. She added that her mom and dad met when they were 16 years old and has spent all their time together. She said it was unfortunate that they never got to spend their old age together.

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