Marvin The Magpie Filmed Imitating Fire Engine Siren In Australia

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A magpie named Marvin can now imitate the sound of a fire engine because he's heard so many trucks race past him amid the ongoing bushfires in Australia.

Written By Vishal Tiwari | Mumbai | Updated On:

A magpie named Marvin can now imitate the sound of a fire engine because he's heard so many trucks race past him. A video of the magpie is going viral on the internet with many people feeling for the bird and the state as a whole. Australia is gripped under ravaging bushfires with acres of land scorched and wildlife displaced. The unfortunate magpie is among the wildlife that had to leave the bushes after fire engulfed many parts of the area. 

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Marvin the magpie mimics fire engines

The magpie that can mimic 35 species of birds, bark like a dog and neigh like a horse can now imitate the sound of fire engines. Marvin has seen so many trucks race past his nest that he can now squeal like a fire engine. Many people on social media feel that the incident is unfortunate because that is not what Marvin is supposed to do and it also shows the state of Australia this fire season. 

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The 23-second video was shared by a Facebook page My Hunter Valley and has garnered more than 27,000 likes since it was uploaded on Sunday. A user named Dee-Michelle Hall wrote, "So sad this baby has heard so many sirens. We need rain so badly." The video also gave nostalgia to some users as it reminded them of their own birds they had in the past. 

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Recent Australian bushfires have affected a lot of animals living in the area. According to ecologist Daniel Pugh, more than 2,000 koalas have died so far and up to one-third of their habitat on the north coast of the state may have fled due to rampaging blaze. Thousands of hectares of koala habitat across northern NSW and southeast Queensland have been ravaged in the recent bushfires. Koalas have been identified as endangered species in Queensland, NSW and it is largely due to habitat clearing.

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