Muscular Kangaroo Attacks Elderly Woman, Eats Gardens In Australia

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Muscular, Six feet kangaroo that apparently went rogue has been terrorising a small county in Australia. It has ruined gardens and attacked three people.

Written By Riya Baibhawi | Mumbai | Updated On:

Six feet kangaroo that apparently went rogue has been terrorising a small county in Australia. It has till now attacked three people and destroyed many private-owned gardens and farms. The animal has now been tracked by the police. 

Kangaroo attacks elderly woman

The kangaroo first attacked an elderly woman leaving her with blood on her neck, shoulders and legs. Kyran Sprott, who was in the vicinity, ran to her rescue after he heard her scream. He said that when he asked the woman about the incident she said that she has been attacked by a kangaroo. He also said that she was shaken and was bleeding from either shoulder, down on her leg and at the front of her body too. 

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A tourist from New Zealand also became a victim of the marsupial. Apparently, the beast had its front paws on the shoulders of the kiwi tourist and was preparing to kick him before it was scared away by people around. Added to the list of victims was the of a local pub owner, Shane Toy who was attacked outside their pub. She was saved when a customer intervened with a barstool and the customers managed to get the pub under lockdown.

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Apart from that, it had also attacked a garden which was impeccably tended for three decades by its owner, Margherita Caruana in Queensland’s South  Down Region. With taking the garden under siege, it ate through her roses, lavenders, a lemon tree, her gardenias, Acanthus mollis and canti. She later said that the people cannot get rid of the Kangaroo until it rains. She added that it not the fault of the animal as they have reached the end of their tether. Last month, a British couple who were also backpackers were reportedly astonished when they stumbled across two kangaroos eating their toilet paper at Flinders Ranges National Park in South Australia. 

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