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This New Tool Which Creates Colour For Every Name Leaves Netizens Amazed

New tool lets users enter their name in a box and gives them colour result for their names exactly like the patients suffering from the neurological phenomenon.

New tool

A new fascinating tool 'What colour is your name' has been designed by Bernadette Sheridan as a synaesthesia project that allows users to experience what’s it like for the individuals living with grapheme-colour synesthesia condition.

The tool lets the user enter their name in a box and then gives them the colour result for their names exactly like people with this neurological condition are accustomed to seeing, letters in colours. Bernadette, the creator of the app told the reporters that colours are closely linked to letters, so people can try the app and see what colour their name is composed of.

Sheridan told the media that every letter has a colour attributed to it. Supposedly a person’s name was Emily, that to a person suffering from this form of synaesthesia might be interpreted as bright or sunny, owing to the swath of letters like the E or I. So, therefore, people can try their names and see what colour pops up as their personality.

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Netizens amazed

The users on Twitter have been extremely fascinated with the app where they tried different names including the names of their pets and favourite celebrity and authors to achieve results in terms of colours. Twitter is filled with name colours as more and more users have been trying it and are delighted to discover what colour their name is. 

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