Colour Combinations For Homes That Will Make Your Room Look Bigger And More Spacious


Small homes are very common in today's world. But with these colour palettes for home, everyone can transform their small homes into spacious apartments.

Written By Sushmit Chakraborty | Mumbai | Updated On:
colour combinations for home

Mumbai residents are used to living in compact spaces. People generally work their entire lives to be able to afford a home in this city. So after being eligible to acquire a proper home, the size of the place is somewhere everybody adjusts. But if you follow these colour palettes while colouring your home then it will make it look bigger and more spacious.

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Colour combinations that will make your home look spacious

White, cream and light brown

One can start off with three very basic and common colours from the world of decoration which are white, cream and light brown. The combination of light tone colours is always an excellent choice as they allow light to reflect. White is the most neutral tone that matches well with all colours, the cream creates a very welcoming feel and the light brown that comes from various wood and accents of the room creates a good highlighting feature.

Brown, orange, cream and a hint of green

The earth tones dominate in this collective mixture. This colour palette of orange, brown, cream and green (that comes from keeping plants in the room) reminds us of a natural environment. This colour combination is very soothing for the eyes as well as makes the room look bigger.

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White and brown

White and brown colours are always a happy match for a room of any size. The white creates a sense of amplitude while the brown brings a welcoming feel to the environment. These two colours with a splash of other colours that will be in the room will give it a spacious feeling.

White, beige, light green and a hint of black

White is yet again necessary for this one as well. The colour is inevitable when we are trying to make a small room look spacious. The other colours that come into being here are beige that will probably be the colour of the sofa, a green chair that will complement the white walls and black lacquered panels that will give a proper highlight to the room.

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