New Zealand PM Says Can Manage Coronavirus Impact On Country's Economy

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New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern on February 10 said that the coronavirus epidemic will have an impact on the country' economic growth.

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:
New Zealand

With China reeling from the coronavirus outbreak, New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern on February 10, stated that the epidemic will have an impact on the country's economic growth. According to reports, Ardern added that the impact will be manageable even though it was too early to decide the intensity of the impact.

Impact on a global scale bound to affect New Zealand

According to reports, Ardern said China is already showcasing projections that they will have an impact, adding that since the impact was being seen on a global scale, New Zealand was bound to feel the consequences too. The New Zealand Prime Minister also said that the government was working in accordance with both the education and tourism sectors to cushion the impact. Ardern further added that the ongoing epidemic will also impact their GDP figures.

According to reports, Australian bank Westpac stated that New Zealand's gross domestic product of the first quarter will be 0.6% lower than what was previously thought due to the impact caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

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Coronavirus death toll crosses 900

The viral outbreak that has claimed the lives of 908 people and infected more than 40,000 has put pressure on the New Zealand based companies According to reports, New Zealand exporters of timber, seafood, meat and dairy products have witnessed their products not being sent to China. China is the country's biggest trading partner and it accounts for the majority of its sales of food products.

Amid the unprecedented outbreak of novel coronavirus, Lijian Zhao, Deputy Director-General, Information Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China said that there were 40,171 confirmed cases in China as of February 9. The death toll of the virus spiked to 908 with 6,484 severe cases.

Zhao also said that 3,281 individuals who were infected with coronavirus were cured. Furthermore, 3,99,487 people had been traced and an additional 1,87,518 people were kept under observation. Zhao stated that since February 1, the number of cured cases surpassed the fatalities, and now it is 'thrice larger'.

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