Night-cam Captures Rare Moment Of A Deer Shedding Its Antlers

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A night-cam has captured the rare moment when a deer is seen shedding its antlers. Videos of deers shedding their antlers are very rare and thus garner interest

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

Deers shedding their antlers is a well-known fact but one that is rarely seen by humans. A recent video that was uploaded by Vermont Fish & Wildlife on social media platforms, shows the rare moment of deer shedding its antlers which is usually done in completed privacy. It was captured by a night-cam.

Rare video of deer shedding antlers

As the shedding of antlers is such a private affair, the video of the deer shedding its antlers has garnered a lot of attention. Usually, deer shed their antlers in complete privacy in amidst large groups or generally away from humans. The video begins with a deer on the screen which is seen scratching its head. The deer suddenly shakes its head violently and the antlers can be seen falling off. After that, the deer exits the frame and we can just see a tiny glimpse of the antlers as they fall on the ground.

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The footage that was uploaded, already has close to 6 lakh views and was originally shared by Vermont Fish & Wildlife. The footage was captured by Ann Sivori in Northfield, Vermont on her night camera.


Further explanation is provided by Sivori in the post and states that she is not a hunter and there were no traps set up for the deer and in the video, the deer can be seen eating apples. The comments section was full of praises for Sivori and Vermont Fish & Wildlife sharing the footage of a phenomenon that is rarely seen by humans.

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One user commented that she was an outdoor person and a hunter but she has never seen a deer shedding its antlers. Another user commented that there are many deers outside the user's house but they have never seen any antlers on the ground.
Another user commented on how they were not aware that deers shed their antlers and that one learns something new every day.

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