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WATCH: North Korean Citizens Make Mass 'waves' As Kim Jong Un Parades Gigantic Missile

North Korea, on October 10, unveiled previously unseen intercontinental ‘monster’ missile, which is reportedly capable of hitting targets in the USA.

North Korea

At an unprecedented predawn military parade, North Korea, on October 10, unveiled a previously unseen intercontinental ‘monster’ missile, which is reportedly capable of hitting targets in the USA. Several photos and videos of the missile have been making rounds on social media and it shows an 11-axle transporter lugging one of the largest road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles in the world if it becomes operational. According to Daily Record, Melissa Hanham, who is the deputy director of the Open Nuclear Network, said, “This missile is a monster”. 

North Korea held the giant military parade on Saturday to mark the 75th founding anniversary of the ruling Worker’s Party. At the event, the country also displayed the Hwasong-15, which is the longest missile ever tested by North Korea. Additionally, Pyongyang also showcased what appeared to be a new submarine-launched ballistic missile. 

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According to reports, the parade featured North Korea’s ballistic missiles for the first time since Kim Jong Un began meeting with international leaders, including the US President Donald Trump. Previously, Kim had said that country’s military power would not be used preemptively. However, he also added that North Korea will continue to build national defence power and self-defensive war deterrence. 

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ICBM could allow North Korea to ‘attack more targets’ 

While North Korea displayed its new conventional military equipment including tanks and fighter jets, experts reportedly said that new larger ‘monster missile’ is likely designed to carry multiple independent reentry vehicles (MIRVs). They believe that the ICBM could allow Pyongyang to attack more targets and make interception more difficult. Further, it is also believed that the new ICBM is likely intended to dispel doubts about North Korea’s ability to strike the continental US and an implicit threat that they are preparing to test the larger missile, according to Markus Garlauskas, who is former US intelligence officer for North Korea. 

Meanwhile, Saturday’s parade saw thousands of people gathered in the city to celebrate the founding day. At the event, Kim, while addressing the crowd, blamed international sanctions, typhoons and the unprecedented coronavirus for preventing him from delivering on promises of economic progress. He said that he is 'ashamed' that he wasn’t able to repay for ‘enormous trust’ and added that his ‘efforts and devotion’ were not sufficient to bring North Koreans out of difficult livelihoods. 

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