Peru Opposition Leader Keiko Fujimori Walks Free From Prison

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Keiko Fujimori, the opposition leader of Peru walked freely from the prison on the night of November 29 after being imprisoned for more than a year in Lima.

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Keiko Fujimori, the opposition leader of Peru walked freely from the prison on the night of November 29 after being imprisoned for more than a year. She was alleged for accepting illegal campaign contributions from the Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht. According to the reports, the right-wing Popular Force party leader left the prison in the Chorrillos district of the capital city Lima. Peru's top court and the country's constitutional tribunal had ordered a statement for her release on Monday after she was handed a 18-month pre-trial sentence in October last year.

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Fujimori denies of any wrongdoing

Fujimori was behind the bars since October 2018 after prosecutors alleged that she headed a criminal organisation and received millions of dollars from Odebrecht during her 2011 election campaign. She denied any wrongdoing and said the accusations were false. Fujimori was about to serve a 25-year sentence for Human Rights crimes and corruption but was set free on Friday. She is the daughter of the country's authoritarian former President Alberto Fujimori. Peru is about to hold its legislative elections on January 26 after President Martin Vizcarra's government collapsed amid a battle with opposition political leaders over his anti-corruption campaign.Fujimori's Popular Force party had held a majority in Congress before its dissolution.

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Keiko not expected to participate in upcoming election

The right-wing Popular Force Party has confirmed that it will contest in the January elections but Fujimori is not expected to participate. She is renowned as one of Peru's most influential and powerful politicians but has seen a drastic downfall since she was detained in October 2018. The Brazilian construction firm, Odebrecht has admitted paying millions of dollars to politicians in exchange for lucrative contracts. Fujimori who is facing trials on the corruption allegations said that she would continue to cooperate with Peru’s judiciary. She also added that she would like to spend some time with her family before making any decisions or any other plans. She met her husband outside the prison with balloons and flowers. Her supporters also carried the orange banners of her political party.

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