Pet Dog Found Waiting For Drowned Owner While Sitting Near The Pond

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A heartwarming video was shared on social media, where a pet dog is seen waiting for his owner to return near a pond, next to his owner’s slippers and crying

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Pet Dog

A heartwarming video was shared on social media, where a pet dog is seen waiting for his owner to return near a pond. The pet is sitting next to his owner’s slippers and crying after his owner fell into the pond and drowned. The video was captured from Chanthaburi district in Thailand.

Dog found sitting next to the pond

According to the reports the owner named Somprasong Srithongkhum went near the pond to turn on the sprinkler, during the process, he lost his balance and fell into the pond. When Srithongkhum did not return home until late, his cousin Somporn went on a search for him. When she reached in the pond, she found their dog Mhee sitting next to his slippers and crying. 
 Somporn, suddenly felt the jitters, she started looking around the pond for her cousin, she realized that her cousin has slipped into the pond. She immediately called the local police for help. 

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The man was found dead

After Somporn reported the police about the incident, a rescue team arrived at the scene. The team consisted of divers who started looking for her cousin inside the pond. The rescue team pulled out the dead body of her cousin. Somporn told the international media that it is their daily duty to go into the forest and collect rubber in the morning, but unfortunately her cousin felt sick this morning, she further explained that she did go to her cousin to ask if he requires any medicine. Later, she went looking for him and found the dog sitting next to his sandals as if he was ordered to wait for someone.  The video of the dog waiting for the owner is breaking hearts across the internet. 

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Dog performs Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

In the video which was posted on the Instagram account of Hands-Only CPR where a dog was seen performing CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is an emergency procedure performed when the heart of a person stops beating. In a video, a black and white dog is seen jumping up and down his owner who is laying on the ground. The dog is shown mimicking the heart compressions and constantly pressing her chest with his paws. The dogs mimic the procedure with absolute precision. The effort shown by the dog in the video is winning hearts on the internet. 

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