Ghastly Video Of Pet Leech Feeding On Owner's Arm Freaks People Out On Social Media

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A video of a pet leech feeding on a person's arm is creeping people out. The video was uploaded on the Reddit group r/awfulthings and has almost 10,000 upvotes.

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Pet leech

A recent video that was uploaded on Reddit is creeping people out. The video was uploaded on the page r/awfuleverything and internet users find it truly terrifying. The video is captioned 'Keeping a pet leech' and shows a very big leech sucking the blood from the forearms of a person that remains calm as he films the incident.

A stomach-wrenching video

The video was originally shared on YouTube back in 2015 but has returned to the spotlight after being uploaded on Reddit by a user. The video was uploaded less than a day ago and already has almost 10,000 upvotes on Reddit and over 700 comments. The video was uploaded by u/ElChonkyChico and by the comments it is certain that it has freaked some people out.

One user wrote 'Oh god imagine accidentally stepping on it and it just explodes and there’s unwashable blood on the carpet and walls. Another commented that the image was truly terrifying and awful. Another user commented on how the video had made them physically cringe.

One commentator stated that 'The flashlight in the darkroom makes this several times worse' while another said that the video gave them Resident Evil vibes. One user commented that 'This is the thing that almost makes me leave this sub! I am equally disgusted and intrigued'.

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One well informed Redditor stated that the leech usually applies saliva to the wounds that act as a painkiller and therefore the man in the video probably was not in a lot of pain.

The leech shown in the video is an extremely large specimen. Leeches usually do not get to be that size because predators in the wild would most likely eat the Leech before it gets that big. Therefore they can only grow to that size in captivity.

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In another bizarre incident,  a man in China suffered from severe cough because he had two live leeches in his nostril and throat. The unnamed man went to Wuping County Hospital for a check-up where the doctors realised that he had leeches inside him. After an initial CT scan in the hospital's respiratory department that did not show anything that would show a cause for the severe cough, a bronchoscopy was then done to get a better idea. Bronchoscopy is a procedure that allows doctors to examine the patient's lungs and airways.

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