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Researchers Reveal Dogs Go Through ‘teenage’ Phase When They Hit ‘puberty’

A recent study revealed that 5-8 months old dogs have similar behaviour as human beings as they believe to have hit their 'puberty' phase.


A recent study revealed that 5-8 months old dogs have similar behaviour as human beings as they believe to have hit their puberty. According to an International media report, a team of researchers based in Nottingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh revealed that the dogs who hit their puberty take longer to respond to commands and are tougher to train. The research was concluded after reportedly monitoring 69 five-months-old dogs. 

As per the research the dogs, however, acted fussy only in front of their owners as to when it came to strangers they behaved much better. While speaking to an international media outlet, zoologist Dr Naomi Harvey, who worked on the research, said that the animals behave that way as it is their ‘dog version of taking out in your mum’. She reportedly added that what the team found is evidence that dogs do show a period of ‘reduced obedience’ towards their owners. She said that the is specific to their owners and not other people. 

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Furthermore, Harvey said that the behaviour is associated with all of the issues going on inside the dog during puberty. The researchers believe that the hormonal functions and the remodelling of the brain to become an adult brain cause a lot of issues in dogs. However, Harvey also informed that the ‘teenage’ years don’t last forever. The research reportedly found that the dogs become more obedient once they get past the ‘puberty’ phase. 

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Dogs mostly ‘rehomed’ during ‘puberty’ phase

Dr Lucy Asher, who is the animal behaviour scientist and who led the study, reportedly said that this is a very important time in a dog’s life. Asher explained that the ‘puberty’ phase is often when the dogs are ‘rehomed’ because they are no longer ‘cute little puppy’. The phase is when the owners suddenly find it more challenging to control and train their dogs. She said that the dog owners need to realise that just like humans, dogs also go through their ‘puberty phase’ and it will pass. 

Moreover, Asher also suggested that people should remain consistent and use rewards rather than punishing their dog she reportedly added that it is important to remember it is not the dog deliberately behaving badly as it just their biology. She also asked the owners to be more kind to their pets during their ‘puberty’ phase and understand it is just a passing phase. 

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