Scientists Warn Coronavirus Could Become Seasonal Infection Like Flu

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COVID-19 dread has gripped the entire world and according to scientists, the virus could become an infection that never goes away and causes seasonal outbreak.

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Coronavirus dread has gripped the entire world and according to scientists, the deadly virus could become an infection that never goes away and causes seasonal outbreaks of illness. First detected in the city of Wuhan, in Hubei Province of China, the virus outbreak has now spread across more than 60 countries since December 2019. According to reports, the death toll in China has also surpassed 2,900 and the National Health Commission also confirmed more than 126 new cases and the total number of confirmed cases within China has reportedly hit 80,152 and more than 90,000 worldwide.

As per international media reports, experts believe that the virus could become a permanent part of the human respiratory-virus repertoire. While speaking to a media outlet, Amesh Adalja, an infectious-disease expert at the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security, said that the virus is going to be 'with us for some time'. He further added that it is endemic in human populations and not going to go away without a vaccine. 

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The scientists believe that coronavirus has become a perennial illness like cold, chest infections and flu and it is going to be similar to viral illnesses that go round every winter. However, scientists around the world are working to try and develop vaccines for the virus, but the process is a lengthy and uncertain one. Although, the scientists even reportedly said that even if they are successfully forming a vaccine, the virus could still mutate and become completely different from what the vaccines is able to protect against. 

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'Oxygen therapy'

Though there is no vaccine as of yet, in the latest report released, the WHO stressed that “oxygen therapy is a major treatment intervention for people with severe COVID-19”. The report added that all countries should work to optimize the availability of “pulse oximeters” and “medical oxygen systems”.

The report further revealed that the majority of patients are adults adding that only 2.1 per cent of the total patients in China were below the age of 20 years. It stated that clinical care of patients included early recognition, immediate isolation and implementation of appropriate infection prevention and control measures. As per WHO's report, people with mild infection should be provided with “symptomatic care” and “optimised supportive care” with those with severe disease.

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