Small Aircraft Crashes Into Ski Lift, Dangles Upside Down From Cable

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Small aircraft crashes into ski lift, dangles upside down from cable in village of Teglio, Prato Valentino in northern Italy. Pictures of rescue are going viral

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Pictures of a small plane crashing into a ski lift in the Italian alps and dangling from its cable are going viral since it happened on October 6. The plane reportedly got entangled in the cable and hung to it which was a unique sight and was shared multiple times on social media. The chair lift (ski lift) is meant to carry skiers to a higher altitude in order to facilitate skiing. As per reports, the plane was ultra-light which is why it could hang on the cable without going down. 

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Pilot injured, passengers stranded

Sunday's incident in the village of Teglio, Prato Valentino in northern Italy injured three including two passengers and the pilot. As per reports, a passenger and the pilot were thrown out of the plane during the crash while the second passenger was trapped inside it. The trapped passenger was brought down by a helicopter. But the pilot suffered light injuries and so had to be transferred to the nearby hospital for treatment.

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Rescue operation

National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps (CNSAS) conducted the rescue operation. As soon as the incident happened, they were called in. They were also the ones who released the initial photographs of the incident which was later covered by local media as well. A video shared by a local media group showed the passenger being rescued from the wing of the aircraft with a rescuer latching on to cables to bring him down safely. The reason behind the crash is yet to be established, said the media.

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Skiers rescued in French Alps

Earlier, footage emerged of the heart-stopping helicopter rescue of a group of skiers in the French Alps in January 2019. In the video of the rescue operation it is seen that one of the skiers was struggling with a knee injury, and was able to call for help using a mobile phone. As per reports, the pilot said the rescuers had chosen to perform the maneuver, known as pressing on the skids. It is because of the weather conditions during the incident, which took place on January 2.

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