Toddler Has Priceless Reaction On Watching Hulk's Transformation

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A toddler had a priceless reaction on watching Dr Bruce Banner transform into the Hulk for the first time, and even MArk Ruffalo commented on the video

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:

Twitter witnessed is a candid cinematic moment, when recently a cute video of a little girl went viral on social media. The precious moment was captured the father of the little little girl. In the videos, she's awestruck after watching Mark Ruffalo’s transformation in the Hulk movie for the first time. Certainly the little girl was overwhelmed after watching a normal man turn into a giant. Her innocence in the video even moved Ruffalo.

The little girl overwhelmed at Hulk’s transformation

The video captured by Comedian Paddy Raff was shared on Twitter, where one can see his two-year-old with full focus watching the Hulk on the bed, enjoying some tasty snacks. The moment the Hulk transformation scene comes, one can see the girl looking at the television carefully and gradually reacting. She adorably reacts by pointing her finger towards the screen and saying, “No, no, naughty Hulk." and continues to say, “No” even louder. While kids of her age usually get scared when they see the giant and ugly Hulk but nevertheless, this girl was rather bewildered and is far from being scared.

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Netizens react to the adorable video

Twitter user Paddy Raff uploaded the video asking the viewers to watch the reactions of his two-year-old daughter after seeing the Hulk go bananas for the first time. The video was certainly heartwarming and made the Netizens go ‘aww’. It instantly gathered more than 5 million views. Mark Ruffalo, the actual Hulk also saw the video and made an amusing comment. A lot of people found her reaction as ‘precious’ and ‘priceless’ because the reaction came so naturally. For some, it was a mic drop moment as well. It was even interesting when people started sharing the precious moments of their own kids reacting to the major pop-culture characters.


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