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Turkey: Child Smoking At Soccer Match Turns Out To Be 36-year-old Man!

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Published:


  • Video of a child smoking at a soccer game has turned out to be illusive.
  • The person in the video is in his 30's which was traced by netizens through his Instagram account.

The video of a 'smoking child' who was spotted in a sports broadcast in the Fenerbahce v Bursaspor soccer game in Turkey proved to be illusive as the person in the video turned out to be a 36-year-old man! At first, people thought that he was a child who was smoking when the camera panned across him at the game. The video went viral after being posted on Twitter but it turned out to be misleading.

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How the claims were debunked

As the earlier claimed video of 'smoking boy' got famous, many sought to find out who he really was. Within hours, people tracked down the real Instagram account of the man and came to know that he was not a child but a man in his 30's! The confusion occurred because the man had a youthful face and a small build. 


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Netizens call him real-life 'Benjamin Button'

Many claimed that he looked as young as his son who sat near him. After knowing his real age, some Twitter users called him a real-life Benjamin Button. The movie character was a man who aged backward and was played by Brad Pitt. Similarly, other Twitter users joked that he must have finally found the fountain of youth.

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The man's reaction

Although many netizens mistook him to be a 12-year-old, the man remained unperturbed. He was simply happy that the soccer team he supported won the game. But Alas! He wouldn't be able to enjoy his Twitter fame for long as smoking in public places is banned in Turkey. This youthful dad could now face a penalty of 69 Turkish Lira ($18 AUD) for smoking at the soccer game.

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A game to support children with Down Syndrome

Both the soccer teams, Bursaspor and Fenerbahce have huge followings in Turkey. Prior to the game, the two sides had agreed to donate all of the proceeds from the match to charities, including organizations that help people with cancer, a well as ones that support children with Down Syndrome. In the Sunday match, Bursaspor won with two points in the soccer game. The aforementioned filmed man was a supporter of the winning team.

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