Erdogan Refuses To Bear The Brunt Of New Wave Of Refugees From Syria

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Turkish President Erdogan has stated that Turkey will not bear the brunt of a fresh new wave of refugees that are heading for the border. Erdogan warns EU.

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Turkey announced recently that it cannot handle a fresh wave of Syrian refugees, it also added that it cannot and will not handle the burden all alone. The statement was given by President Erdogan on Sunday. President Erdogan also warned Europe and the European Union that they would also inevitably face the brunt of these new waves of immigration.

Turkey will not 'bear the brunt'

According to reports, tens and thousands of refugees have started moving towards the Turkish border. Since the beginning of violence in Syria, Turkey has taken in 3.6 million refugees and according to latest reports, Turkey has the largest refugee population in the world. During the same press conference, Erdogan said that around 80,000 refugees were making their way towards the Turkish border.

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According to local media sources, Erdogan said that Turkey will not bear the brunt of this migration. Erdogan also announced that if he and Turkey does not receive more assistance from the European Union, he would open the floodgates and unleash all the refugees in Turkey on Europe. In the past the United Nations Security Council has tried to help Turkey but these resolutions have always been blocked by Russia and China.

US-Turkey relations

In related news, relations between two NATO allies, Turkey and the United States deteriorated after US Congress on Tuesday voted to lift a decades-old arms embargo on Cyprus. The Senate in favour of ending the embargo passed a bill that voted 86 to eight and already went through the House of Representatives. US President Donald Trump is likely to sign the bill and end the arms embargo soon.

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Turkey is not happy with the bill and warned the United States of hampering the efforts towards a settlement on the island. Turkey Foreign Ministry in a statement accused members of the US Congress of looking to settle internal political scores and acting under the influence of anti-Turkish circles. US' decision to lift the arms embargo on Cyprus Island in favour of the Greek Cypriot Administration will further escalate the situation. 

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