Uganda: Imam Suspended From Holy Duties After Unknowingly Marrying A Man

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Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, an imam in Uganda was suspended from his holy duties after he reportedly discovered that he had unknowingly married a man.

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Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, an imam in Uganda was suspended from his duties after he discovered that he had unknowingly married a man. Sheikh Mtumba, who is the imam of Kyampisi Masjid Noor in Kayunga District, had reportedly married his “wife” Swabulla Nabukeera last month according to the Islamic traditions, however, the true identity of the “bride” was discovered when she was arrested for theft. According to an international media outlet, the “wife” was caught stealing TV and clothes from a neighbour and was searched by police. 

The couple had reportedly spent two weeks together after marriage, but they never had any sexual intercourse as the “bride” claimed that she was menstruating. After the theft a female police officer had reportedly carried out a body search on the suspect, thinking “she” was a woman, however, found out “she” was actually a man. According to reports, the thief later revealed his real name as Richard Tumushabe. He further also revealed that he had married the imam to get his money. 

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A sham wedding

The imam was said to be 'devastated' to talk about the incident. While speaking to an international media outlet, imam's friends and colleagues said that they were also fooled by the imposter as he always wore a hijab. One of imam's friend further added that Richard had a sweet voice and walked like a woman. The officials at the mosque reportedly said that they had no choice but to relieve Sheikh Mutumba from his holy duties in the wake of the unusual events even though they accepted that the imam was an innocent participant in the sham marriage. 

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According to reports, the imam had got married after visiting Tumushabe's aunty Nuuru Nabukeera, who lives in Kituula village. Nuuru had reportedly said that the imam had paid a dowry which included two goats, two bags of sugar, three busuutis, a carton of salt and a Koran. She further said that even she did not that her “niece” was a man as she got acquainted with him when he was already an adult. The police officers had also arrested by the police and Richard has been charged with impersonation, theft and obtaining goods by false pretence.  

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