US Man Gets Locked Inside Gym After Employees 'close Doors And Go Home'

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US citizen Dan Hill got locked inside a 24 Hour Fitness centre after its employees locked the doors and left the premises. Hill shared the incident on Facebook.

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:

A Utah-based man Dan Hill got locked inside a gym 24 Hour Fitness after its employees reportedly 'locked the doors and left the premises'. According to reports, Hill was swimming when he realised that he was alone in the entire complex. Fearing that opening a door might trigger an alarm, he decided to call the cops to free him.

David Hill did not want to activate any alarm

While talking to a local media outlet, Hill said that he called the police and the guy on the line double-checked to confirm Hill's location. In addition to this, Hill told dispatch that he was at 24 Hour Fitness, adding that he did not want to activate any alarm in order to not get busted for breaking and entering.

After having a word with Sandy dispatch, Hill went on to post a couple of pictures on Facebook. In one of the pictures, he can be seen standing with the swimming pool in the background. Another picture shows him standing over by the gym machines and shouting to nobody. Hill also said that when he called up his wife, she told him to find a comfortable place to sleep for the night. Although, he wasn't stuck in the complex for too long and posted an update that he had been rescued by three police officers.

He went on to post on Facebook that he still liked going to 24 Hour Fitness despite everything that initially happened.

Hill's story makes people laugh

The incident prompted hilarious reactions from people wherein one said that Hill does not need to worry about people staring at him while working out. Dan Hill's Facebook post garnered over 30,000 reactions, 4,000 comments and 12,000 shares.


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Someone went on to recall his/her experience. He/she said that a similar thing happened to them at a cinema hall back in the year 1999. They fell asleep while watching the last show of the day, adding that the theatre employees did not check before going home and leaving them to be locked inside. The ordeal ended after he/she triggered the alarm and the General Manager and police came to the rescue.

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