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Australia: Vets Warn Dogs Might Experience Separation Anxiety Once Owners Return To Office

As Australia authorities are planning to ease coronavirus restrictions and people will be going back to offices, vets believe that their pets might get anxious.


As Australian authorities are planning to ease coronavirus restrictions and people will be going back to offices, veterinarians believe that their pet dogs might get a little anxious about them leaving. While for the past six weeks, people have been living with their pets and giving them bulk food, taking them for a walk and just being there all the time, Veterinarian Dr Kate Adams reportedly said that the dogs could not get up to a lot of mischiefs and even hurt themselves once everything gets back to normal. 

While speaking to an international media outlet, Adams said that dogs are super social and they like their owners to be around them all the time. She said that people going back to work is going to be a ‘massive adjustment’ for them. She believes that the pets can get up to everything from chewing electric cords, or eating the stuffing out of couches or their beds. 

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Adams also said that those who decided to self-isolate and got a puppy will also be suffering as the new dog won’t be used to you not being there. She reportedly said that the owners might have to install a PetCam and they can also expect loads of crying and wailing. Furthermore, Adams is also concerned that the pooch might even gain a little weight as right now several owners take their dog for walks at any hour of the day and sometimes several times, however, with offices reopening, dogs might be prone to getting a little unfit and unhealthy. 

Adams even advised owners to taper the food that they give their dogs so that they get into a routine when to eat while they are still around. For the cat owners, on the other hand, Adams reportedly said that they don’t have to worry. According to Adams, cats will probably be very glad when their owners go back to work as they like having the house all by themselves.  

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Australia set to ease restrictions 

Meanwhile, Australia is set to ease down stringent social distancing measures. Victoria, a state in the country’s southeast announced that its residents would be able to host a maximum of five people in their homes. Elaborating further, State’s premier, Daniel Andrews reportedly said that all the allowed guests should either be a friend or a family member. He added that though there wasn’t any limit on how far people could travel, they weren’t permitted for an overnight stay. However, he warned that strict measures could be re-imposed in the case, a number of cases surged.

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