VIRAL | Human Gets Dressed In A Lion Costume As Zoo Performs Unusual Drill While The Real Animals Turn Spectators

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Mock drills are the best way to prepare for an emergency situation. VIRAL | Human gets dressed in a lion costume as zoo performs unusual drill while the real animals turn spectators

Written By Joel Kurian | Mumbai | Updated On:

Mock drills are the best way to prepare for an emergency situation. However, one such exercise by a zoo to ready for the possibility of a lion’s escape, led to some interesting moments. A human employed to don the lion’s costume as the zoo authorities practised the drills, while the real lions themselves witnessed the action in front of their eyes, made the entire incident, captured on camera, go viral. 

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The mock drill for a lion escape situation took place at a zoo in Ehime, Japan. The human-lion is seen roaming around as if it’s a walk in the park, unlike the real 'King of the Jungle’.

The zoo authorities spread the net to block the lion from escaping, while one of them even pretends to get knocked off when the animal charged at him in the situation. They then attempt to tranquilise the animal, by firing the tranquiliser gun from a vehicle. The dummy then pretends to fall off, and the officials then bring their nets to take it away. 

What’s interesting is that the real lions are seen witnessing the action.

Netizens had some creative captions on what the lion could be thinking, with some terming how they'd think of it as ‘human nonsense’ and how they thought the zoo exposed their emergency plan, which wasn’t the smartest idea. 

Here are the reactions: 

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