WATCH: Vladimir Putin Drops Russian Judo Olympic Medalist To A Pulp In Viral Video, Suffers Minor Injury During Session

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Russian President Vladimir Putin's love for judo is no secret. He has also been known to suit up.

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

Russian President Vladimir Putin's love for judo is no secret. He has also been known to suit up to play judo whenever he gets free time. In the past, Putin with Japanese President Shinzo Abe had also taken time away from the Eastern Economic Forum to enjoy a shared passion -- judo. And now, a video of Putin showing off his judo skills has gone viral on social media. 

The Russian president who is known for his love of physical activities was seen at a judo training centre in Sochi, Russia on Friday training with Olympic medalists. Putin who is a judo enthusiast and holds a black-belt in martial art has called it his “favourite sport.” He reportedly practices it whenever he can and has been photographed over the years dropping national champions on the mat with ease.

This time too it seemed that he would reign supreme as he pushed Russian male judo champions to the mat time and time again. Olympic bronze champion Ivan Nifontov was felled four times on the floor by Vladimir Putin and the 66-year old did not seem to give an inch to his younger opponents. 

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However, Vladimir Putin suffered an injury while sparring with Russian Judo athlete Natalia Kuzyutina.

Post the sparring session, Kuzyutina said, “Thank you President Putin that after such complex negotiation at the summit he found time for a full-scale quality training,” she said. “I was glad yet again to be a sparring partner of the first judoist of our country".

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Putin too commented post the sparring session: 'It's a well-known medical fact - the level of adrenaline increases in a person who practices physical exercises, so your mood improves, and you take a different look on the world around you. I can probably say that it helps you to get real.'

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