Wildlife Photographer Dillon Nelson Caught In Sudden Encounter With Leopard

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Wildlife photographer Dillon Nelson had a sudden encounter with a leopard cub while he was capturing the adorable moments of the mother leopard and her cub.

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:
Wildlife Photographer

In a video, a wildlife photographer had a sudden encounter with a leopard cub while he was capturing the adorable moments of the mother leopard and her cub. Game ranger Dillon Nelson said that he was capturing visuals for a wildlife documentary when the curious cub daughter came close to him. The incident was reported in the Sabi Sands nature reserve, South Africa.

Wildlife photographer encounters leopard cub

In the video, one can see a 10-month old cub initially playing with her mother, later the cub climbs down from the mound and stands near the wildlife photographer. Probably the cub was curious to see a man with a fancy instrument like a camera pointing at him. When the photographer witnesses the cub he freezes when the leopard extends her paws and taps at his boots and then makes hissing sounds at the photographer. 

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The photographer said that it was a once in a lifetime moment. He is a nature guide and usually takes people on safari and bush walks. He was following a resident female leopard and the cub in the thick dense forest when the young and inquisitive cub came close to him and started investigating his boots. The photographer said that he realized it was too late for him to move and stayed still. Nelson said that it was a thrilling encounter. 

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The vicious attack

In a vicious attack in one of the cities of India, a leopard attacked stray dog in a spine chilling video that is being shared on social media. The incident reportedly took place near SEEPZ in Andheri (East), Mumbai where the attack was captured on CCTV. The video shows a leopard laying an ambush to attack the dog in early morning hours.

The leopard can be seen crossing a pavement to reach the dog who was lying down on the stairs. Leopard grabbed the dog by its neck before the security guard thumped his cabin door to scare the wild animal. After hearing the noise, the leopard let go off the dog and ran towards the jungle followed by the unharmed dog. 

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