Women Are Better Leaders Than Men: Obama On Political Leadership

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Former US President said that women are ‘indisputably better’ leaders than men and said that most of the problems in the world came when men were in power.

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Former US President Barack Obama said that women are ‘indisputably better’ leaders than men and said that most of the problems in the world came when men were in power. Speaking at a private event in Singapore, Obama reportedly said that there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes if women ran every country.

Promises significant improvement

Obama felt confident about his opinion that if every nation on earth was run by women for two years, there would be significant improvement across the board. The former President said that women are not perfect but definitely better than men. On the question of his return to political leadership, Obama said that he believed in leaders stepping aside when the time came, reported the BBC. 

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Speaking on leadership, Obama said that political leaders should try and remind themselves that they are there to do a job and not to prop up their own sense of self-importance. Obama, along with his wife Michelle, has also set up the Obama Foundation to mentor young leaders around the world.

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Obama Foundation

Last week, Obama was in Kuala Lumpur with for a conversation about values-based leadership and growing up in Indonesia and Hawaii. The event was held under the aegis of The Obama Foundation Leaders, one-year leadership development and community engagement program to seek inspiration, empower, and connect with emerging leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region.

“You have to seek out people who are not like you and you should not be afraid of people who know more than you do about something," said Obama at the event.

“Rejoice in this opportunity to change the world. It's a great privilege to be alive and have the possibility of helping somebody or making things a little bit better,” he added.

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