Calf Brought Up By German Shepherds Thinks He Is Part Of The Pack

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After her mom's tragic death, an orphaned calf is rescued and raised by a family of German Shepherd breeders. The calf thinks he is a dog and even wags his tail

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After her mom's tragic death, an orphaned calf was rescued and raised by a family of German Shepherd breeders. After befriending and spending his whole life near German Shepards, the calf too behaved like a dog. According to reports the calf even wags his tail in excitement. Buddy the bull was adopted by Coral and Wayne Algie.

Rescued by dog breeders

They adopted him when he was just one day old and his mother tragically died leaving him all alone. Coral and Wayne Algie took buddy in as just an ordinary extra puppy in the litter by two and half-year-old German Shepherd Bada. Bada had just recently had a little of 11 pups.

Buddy the adorable bull that is now over six weeks old has begun to take on habits like a dog. One of the habits that Buddy seems to have picked up is playing fetch and chase with his brothers and sisters. According to reports, Billy also wags his tail like a puppy and snuggles up to them during nap time.

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Coral who is a mom of 4 herself has said that Bada had taken Buddy in as her 12th pup and also sees his as part of the litter Coral added that she doesn't think that Buddy sees himself as a calf. She says that he seems very comfortable among both humans and dogs. Coral has said that she will give Buddy a home for life and even though he will soon outgrow his puppy friends is still very active with them.

Best Friends with a German Shepard

In a similar incident, an abandoned Giraffe became best friend with a dog at a rhino orphanage in South Africa. Jazz, who was abandoned at only two days old didn't have to feel lonely at the rhino orphanage because the baby giraffe had a dog named Hunter to help him through tough times.

The Giraffe, named Jazz was only two days old when a farmer brought him to a South African rhino orphanage. The Rhino Orphanage was the closest place the farmer could look for help when he found the baby giraffe abandoned, weak and de-hydrated. One would think that a giraffe-like Jazz might find it hard to make friends in an orphanage filled with rhinos but Jazz instantly bonded with the centre's watchdog Hunter, who is a Belgian Malinois.

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