Albino Elephant Calf Rescued After Being Trapped In Snare For Four Days

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Albino Elephant calf trapped in the snare has severe injuries inflicted on her body including an unusual Joker-like scar across her mouth.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

Khanyisa, an Albino elephant calf was reportedly rescued after she was found tangled up in the snare at a private reserve in the vicinity to the border of Kruger National Park, South Africa. The incident had left the elephant with severe injuries including an unusual Joker-like scar across her mouth.

The snare has reportedly inflicted injuries on the calf to the back of her ears and neck as it had clutched the animal around her cheeks slashing her mouth on each side. She was rescued by Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD), an elephant’s orphanage, who are now looking into her recovery.

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The elephant has unique pink skin and blue eyes, contrary to the grey skin the elephants usually have. Sue Howells, a caretaker at the organization reportedly said that the elephant looked extremely innocent, fragile and pure, and yet courageous. He said that the calf was sadly mutilated by the humans and was in dire need of help when they decided to protect her and bring her to a safe spot, so she never had to go through a trauma like that ever again.

‘Khansiya’ means ‘light’ in Zimbabwe's Bantu language

Adine Roode, the founder of HERD reportedly named the elephant calf ‘Khansiya’, which means ‘light’ in the Bantu language of the Shona people in Zimbabwe. The orphanage is located at Kapama Game Reserve, in the vicinity of the Jabulani herd, named after one other orphan elephant, reports suggest. The Jabulani herd are a group of an elephant that Khansiya can hang out with for emotional support and wellbeing.


The organization has been posting the recovery of the elephant calf on social media in phases and the audience has extended messages of speedy recovery and appreciation for the Orphanage for lifting out the elephants from misery.

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