Man Stands For 6 Hours On Flight To Let His Wife Sleep Comfortably

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A Twitter user has shared the video of a man on Friday, standing for six hours in a flight, letting his wife sleep on the seats. The Twitter user termed it love

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What triumphs love? Sleep.

This was recently demonstrated by a couple on Friday onboard a UK flight. A Twitter user has shared a photo of a man standing for six hours in a flight, letting his wife sleep on the seats. The picture shows the man presumably sleeping while standing, while his wife is seen stretched along the three aisle seats. The Twitter user sharing the photo has termed it -'That is love'.


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Netizens have reacted to the 'gesture of love' - Some feel it's romantic, some are reminded of Titanic:




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'Wife carrying competition'

In a similar gesture of love, a Lithuanian couple became the title holders of the world "wife-carrying" competition second time in a row in July. Winning the title the second time in a row, Vytautas Kirkliauskas and his wife Neringa Kirkliauskiene cleared a grueling 253.5-meter course in a time limit of one minute 6.72 seconds on July 6. In 2018, they had competed against 38 couples from 13 countries and won the competition. The race which involved husbands to run while carrying their wives over their shoulders was contested by couples from more than a dozen countries in Sonkajarvi, 300 miles north of Helsinki.

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Zuckerberg's sleep box

Meanwhile, in another loving gesture valuing his wife's sleep, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg built a ‘sleep box’ for his wife Priscilla so that she could sleep without worrying about the time she has to wake their children up. The Facebook genius took to Instagram and shared a picture of the ‘sleep box’. He explained that the sleep box sits on their nightstand and emits a very faint light between 6 am to 7 am, the time when Zuckerberg’s daughters are expected to wake up. The box, however, does not show the time as that is likely to stress Priscilla and not let her fall back asleep.

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