Seal Pup Seen Playing With Starbucks Bottle In Heartbreaking Pic, Coffee Chain Offers Help

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A picture of a seal pup licking a glass bottle of Starbucks is going viral on social media. Environmentalists have blasted people for spreading litter.

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Seal Pup

After the death of a sperm whale in Scotland, another case of marine pollution has grabbed the attention of netizens. A picture of a grey seal licking a glass bottle of Starbucks is going viral on social media. Capitalism has struck the world so hard that even the eco-system cannot keep itself away from the popular economic system. The American coffee chain popular for its fancy bottles is in the headlines for the wrong reason. 

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The heartbreaking picture

Environmentalists have blasted people for spreading litter all around including nature reserves. The picture of the grey seal that is going viral on the internet was clicked at the Donna Nook Nature Reserve in the United Kingdom. The photograph was clicked by Dan Thurling, a nature photographer who criticised people for littering. After the picture of the poor grey seal went viral, Starbucks offered to help with waste management. 

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Starbucks reportedly saddened by the picture and has contacted Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and offered to help them with the waste management. Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust said that it was grateful to Starbucks for offering help. The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust also said that they are asking the government's help to better protect the marine life and ecosystem. 

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Dan Thurling's photo isn't the first one to highlight the increasing marine pollution. A picture of a sperm whale, which died after consuming 100 kg litter ball in Scotland was also doing rounds on social media this week. The sperm whale died with 100 kg 'litter ball' found in its stomach filled with fishing nets, rope, packing straps, bags and plastic cups. 

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Pollution has taken a toll on the ecosystem in the recent past as it is affecting marine life badly. An increase in human footprints in the Antarctic has also affected the seals and penguins living on the island of ice. 

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