UK General Elections: Britain And Brexit's Place In The World At Stake

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The UK general election on December 12 over the issue of Brexit will decide the position of Britain in the world, and the fate of Brexit from the European Union

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Britain will cast its votes on December 12 to elect its Prime Minister. This election will decide the fate of Britain and also the fate of the on-going political turmoil over Brexit. The vote will be cast among the two major parties of the UK, offering different choices to the citizens. The results of the elections will shape Britain’s sense of itself, its economy, the Brexit and also its relationship with other countries, especially the United States. 

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Britain's place in the world at stake

According to political analysts, there are several possibilities depending on the result of elections. If the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson secure a majority then they will take forward the Brexit and the possibility of the second referendum and secure Britain's place with the European Union will be lost. According to the opinion polls, the Conservative Party is expected to secure a majority. After the six-week election campaign, the opinion polls revealed that the Conservative Party can win in the election with the lead of 10 points. If the results of the opinion polls match those of the election, it would put an end to Europe’s political and trade bloc by January 2020.

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In the latest prediction of the opinion polls by YouGov, the Conservative Party is expected to win 28 seat majority but it is less than half of the total 68 seats. It concluded that in such a scenario either the Conservative Party will have to form a coalition government or warned of a Hung Parliament which would further delay the process of Brexit. 

On the other hand, if the Labour Party being led by hard-left Jeremy Corbyn secures a majority or even manages to secure enough seats to form a coalition government, then as promised by Corbyn, he would begin the radical transformation of the economy of Britain under the socialist banner. Currently, Britain is facing a wave of noxious, hyperpartisan politics. People of Britain have distinct opinions on the issue of Britain leaving the EU. The country is divided into Leavers and Remainers. There is an atmosphere of terror and horror among the people. Family and friends are fighting each other over issues of frictionless debates. Several MPs in the Parliament are hurling charges of prison and surrender at each other in the Parliament. The women of the Labour and Conservative Parties were scared of being physically attacked. 

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