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UK Govt Warns People Of Tougher Social Distancing Measures Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The UK government on April 5 warned people of adopting tougher social distancing measures like a ban on outdoor exercises to keep them confined to houses.

UK Govt warns people of tougher social distancing measures amid coronavirus outbreak

With an initiative to stop the spread and growth of the deadly coronavirus, the British government on April 5 warned people of adopting tougher measures like a ban on outdoor exercises. The government warned the general public that if they did not keep themselves confined to the four walls of their homes and follow the stringent guidelines, strict measures can be imposed.

UK citizens stepping out to exercise

The UK government on March 23 ordered a three-week lockdown of non-essential shops and services to curb the spread of the disease. But the increase in temperature has forced people to congregate in parks and open spaces, potentially threatening contamination of the disease, even after the sincere efforts by the government to stop its spread. Seeing the rise of daily sunbathers on April 4, the government on April 5 reportedly ordered the closure of a major South London park.

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As per reports, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who tested positive for coronavirus, told a media outlet that sunbathing was against the rules and anyone who is doing so is risking his life. He reportedly told another outlet that most people were following guidance only to leave their homes so that they can shop for essential items and medicine, and to exercise once a day.
He also added that it is very disheartening to see that a minority were not following the rules. 

Warning of strict measures by the UK government

However, more people are stepping out of their houses, which is increasing the susceptibility of the virus. Also, he does not want people to leave home just because they need to exercise in the open spaces and not follow the rule of quarantine. Hancock also revealed that if the people continue to step out of their house and flout the rules, then the government will be forced to take strict action against it. 

The Health Secretary later reportedly told a daily government briefing that changes to social distancing rules were not imminent. Meanwhile, police officials in Southwest England reportedly said that they charged a man with a public order offense for allegedly wiping his saliva on food items in a local supermarket. The warning by Hancock came after the UK recorded in reported deaths from the pandemic that took the overall toll to 4,313 and confirmed hospital cases to 41,903.

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