UK: Jeremy Corbyn Prepared To Stay As Party Leader Until Next Year

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Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn clarified, on December 13, that he is prepared to remain in the leadership role until the party chooses a successor.

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UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn clarified, on December 13, that he is prepared to remain the leader until the party chooses his successor. After the crushing defeat of the Labours in the recently concluded polls, Corbyn had announced that he would not lead the party in the next elections.

Corbyn reportedly called for a ‘period of reflection’ in the party and said that their National Executive will decide on the process of the election of his successor. The Labour leader added that he was elected to lead the party and is prepared to do so until the process takes place.

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'Did everything possible'

Though Corbyn conceded defeat after the results, he defended his efforts saying he did everything he possibly could to win the election. He further added that he did everything he possibly could in order to bridge the divide between those who voted leave and those voted remain. “It was a very disappointing night. But I'm proud that we took our message of hope, unity and justice to every part of this country,” Corbyn tweeted after the results were declared.

The Labour Party faced its worst defeat since 1935 which left Corbyn with no choice other than relinquish the leadership role. The Labour Party won 203 seats in the general elections and will again lead the opposition in the Parliament. Scottish National Party (SNP) emerged as the third-largest party with 48 seats and the Liberal Democrats, led by Jo Swinson, managed to win 11 seats.

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On the other hand, the Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, registered a landslide victory with 365 seats out the 650 which has now set the ball rolling for the impending Brexit. Conservatives needed to cross the halfway mark, i.e. 325 seats, on their own to ensure Brexit by January 31. The huge victory margin is considered as strong support from the people of Britain towards the Brexit since Conservatives had contested the election with a central theme of ‘Get Brexit Done’.

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