UK Parliament Resumes Its Sessions After Supreme Court's Judgement

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The UK House of Commons resumed its sessions after the landmark judgement by the Supreme Court which called the suspension 'unlawful' by Boris Johnson

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The House of Commons in the United Kingdom has resumed its meetings on September 25. The British lawmakers return to the parliament a day after the Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson's suspension of the parliament was declared “unlawful” by the Supreme court. PM Johnson, suspended the parliament for five weeks in order to speed - up the Brexit process. However, the judgement was passed on Tuesday by 11 sitting judges of the supreme court and they also stated that Boris Johnson's term in the office is a weak hold of power. 

The landmark judgement

Nation's highest court declared a judgement that came as a huge surprise for the UK Prime Minister. PM Johnson now also faces a swirl of demands for resigning and the lawmakers of the opposition also believe that his position is now unarguable. The decision essentially also ruled that the PM had lied to the Queen about the suspension of the Parliament. The Supreme Court President, Lady Hale has also said that Boris Johnson's actions were unlawful because it had a “frustrating” effect on the ability of the Parliament to carry out their functions and that too without a reasonable justification. Hale further added that this extreme prorogation came in no exceptional situation and no evidence proves the need for such a prolonged suspension. 

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PM Johnson respects the judges

In the United Nations, when the UK PM was asked if he would resign after the judgement was made back in the Supreme Court, he simply denied. He further said that he respects the judges and repeatedly kept saying that according to the law, Britain's exit from the European Union was due on October 31. According to PM Johnson, the best thing about the Brexit deal is that they are working hard for it. Moreover, he believes that the suspension of the parliament was normal. While Boris johnson considered the suspension of parliament as a new legislative agenda, the opposition criticised the government and said that it was in order to prevent any further reverses in Brexit. The leader of Britain's Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn said that Boris Johnson should quit. 

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