UK: Plumber Receives £80,000 To Help The Elderly And Disabled

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James Anderson from Burnley is a plumber who fixes boilers free of cost for the elderly and the disabled received a donation of £80,000 to spread his goodwill.

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James Anderson from Burnley is a plumber who fixes plumbing free of cost for the elderly and the disabled. The 52-year-old is trying to spread his goodwill across the country as he received a donation of £80,000. His work went viral when a picture of his bill which was of £0 was posted online. Anderson issued the bill to a 91-year-old woman who was suffering from acute leukaemia. He took the risk of going bankrupt as he closed his private business and re-launched it as a non-profit company Decipher so that he could help people across Lancashire. 

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An inspiration

He raised the money through crowdfunding and donations made by people and was blown away by the response he received from across the world. He received offers of holidays, thousand of emails, and financial support among the responses. The increased visibility of his work has also led to people asking how they could help him. One woman who was inspired by his work apparently knocked on her neighbour's door to find she has been without hot water for two years. Anderson claimed that people are talking about going to follow his good gesture in America, France, and Australia and contacting him to get advice and guidance as to how to do it in their countries. He further said that all communities can get together for one common cause across the globe so that everybody who is elderly and disabled can benefit from something like this in society. 

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A lovely act

His work was applauded by thousands of people who shared the photo of the bill on social media. A local insurance company had also tweeted that they would like to provide Anderson the next year public liability insurance for free of charge. One of the internet users also called it a "lovely act of warmth and kindness". James Anderson has been doing the same since 2017 but got recognized when his bill receipt went viral. He is a father to five children and grandfather to three.

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