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World's Most Expensive Sheep Sold For £367,500 At An Auction In Scotland

A Texel lamb became the world’s most expensive sheep after it was sold for £367,500 at an auction in Scotland. The sheep is called Double Diamond.


A Texel lamb became the world’s most expensive sheep after it was sold for £367,500 at an auction in Scotland. Reports by Texel Sheep Society suggest that the sheep is called Double Diamond and was sold to 3 farmers at the Scottish National Texel Sale in Lanark on August 27. The bidding started at £10,500 and soon it turned into a fierce battle between different consortiums.

World's most expensive sheep 

Jeff Aiken, who is one of the 3 buyers reportedly said that something special always turns up every once in a while and this time it was this Texel. He added that everyone wanted a part of it. Texels are a rare breed that comes from the small island of Texel, according to reports by Texel Sheep Society.

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The sheep was sold by Charlie Boden from his Sportsmans flock in Cheshire. Aiked had already partnered with another breeder to bid together for the rare Texel. However, when the demand for the Texel increased with a surge in price, that is when a third breeder joined in. Talking about the sheep, Aiken reportedly said that he is an outstanding animal with all the best genetics. He added that 7 to 8 people wanted him really badly and that led to the increase in price. Texels usually sell for five-figure sums. The previous record for a sheep sold at the auction is £230,000. It was set in the year 2009.

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In a recent developemnt, a few days back, thousands of sheep from Sudan that were found to have not have followed quarantine procedures while transporting them was sent back from Saudi Arabia and as a result many have died due to hunger and thirst. According to reports from a global media, 3,000 out of 58,000 sheep returned by Saudi Arabia died in the absence of food and water while others drowned during the journey.

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