Ahead Of Election In Britain, Trump Praises PM Johnson As 'very Capable'

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U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he thought Prime Minister Boris Johnson was very capable and would do a good job

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U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he thought Prime Minister Boris Johnson was very capable and would do a good job, moments after saying he did not want to get involved in the British election campaign.

Trump praises Johnson and says will stay out of UK elections 

During Britain's election campaign, the Labour Party used Trump’s name to refer to the capitalist system of governance similar to the strategy used by Corbyn, a veteran socialist campaigner, who promised to tear up if he wins in the upcoming elections. During the NATO meeting, Trump clearly mentioned that he does not want to get involved in the UK election campaigns and complicate them. He said that Boris Johnson is “very capable and I think he’ll do a good job.”

In his previous speeches, Trump had acknowledged Johnson as Britain’s Trump and also described him as the most capable leader to conclude Brexit.

In his three day visit to London, Trump said that "will stay out of the election", however, he is a big fan of Brexit. He further said that he can work with anybody in 10-9 days ahead of the UK elections as he is a very easy person to work with. However, he doesn't want to complicate the elections and hence will stay out of it. 

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Donald Trump landed in London

Just 10 days before a crucial general election, US President Donald Trump landed in Britain on December 2 to attend the NATO summit. The US President in a tweet claimed that he had convinced European allies to boost their defence spending and that more than double of them are fulfilling their obligations. Last year, Trump with his demands derailed at the summit. Fellow NATO leaders will be relieved as he appears to be satisfied with how the allies have stepped up their military investment.

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Yet, British PM Johnson is expected to be on his tiptoes as Trump's presence might hurt him in the closing stages of the British election campaign. British elections are expected to be affected by the summit with the opinion polls due to winning a majority in next week's vote. Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has attacked Johnson for his closeness to Trump. Labour campaigners have warned that Johnson is ready to grant US drug firms more profitable access to the UK National Health Service in exchange for a US trade deal. The claims and allegations have been denied by Johnson.

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