Bernie Sanders Stuck In Washington, Ocasio-Cortez Takes His Place In Iowa

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Sanders is currently serving as a juror in US President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in Washington, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes his place in Iowa rally

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Bernie Sanders

Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders managed to draw thousands of people in Iowa even though he was not present in the rally. According to international reports, the US Senator has been seen leading in the opinion polls just as Iowans prepare to pick their choice of Democratic nominee on February 3. However, Sanders is currently serving as a juror in US President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in Washington. 

Since Sanders was unable to address the reportedly passionate crowd, first-term US congresswoman from New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been carrying out rallies for what she called a “mass movement” by Sanders and his progressive politics.

As per reports, the strong turn out of people even in his absence underscores the young and diverse base of supporters for Sanders. Meanwhile, it also shows the enthusiasm for Ocasio-Cortez who has become a star of US left-wing politics after being elected to the House of Representatives in 2018. 

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Sanders leads Trump with the largest margin

Sanders led Republican US President Donald Trump with the widest margins of all Democratic candidates in the Presidential race of 2020. Reportedly, according to a poll, when Americans were asked to choose in a face-off against Trump, 52% voters chose Sanders while 43% chose the current US leader. A US-based survey registered more than 4,000 voters nationwide and was asked who will they pitted against each of the Democratic candidates for this year. 

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While Sanders topped leading with ten points, next in line was the former Vice President of US, Joe Biden with 50% voting over Trump. Furthermore, billionaire Michael Bloomberg also led Trump by seven points, then came Senator Elizabeth Warren who led the Republican leader with only three points.

In their campaigns, Trump and Sanders have been seen taking every opportunity to oust each other in the White House race. With Sanders questioning Trump administration's policies, the US President's statements of preventing America from becoming a socialist country has reportedly always got loud applause. Just last month, Sanders slammed US President Donald Trump and called him a 'racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe and a religious bigot' in a tweet.

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