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Coronavirus Cases In United States Increased Fourfold In Just One Week

Coronavirus pandemic has escalated and so have the cases, that have skyrocketed in the past few days, but the United States has seen a rapid increase recently.

Coronavirus: cases in the United States have quadrupled in just a week

The fear of the novel coronavirus pandemic has escalated and so have the cases, that have skyrocketed in the past few days. The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has however seen a rapid increase recently. In the past one week, however, the condition has worsened to such an extent that the infected count has surpassed China as well as Italy and the US climbed up to become the country containing the most confirmed cases of coronavirus-infected patients.

Cases quadrupled in one week

The count of the infected patients in the United States has now increased fourfold. As per reports, US now stands at the top with over 1,42,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infected patients. The total death rate in the country has currently skyrocketed to a count of beyond 2,480. The figures shockingly, stood at around 34,000 as per reports, a week earlier. As of March 23, the fatality rate was reportedly only 414, while many other states in the country had still not reported their fatality rate.

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While the cases of coronavirus-infected patients have increased over four times in the past week, the death rate has been increasing even more rapidly. With over 2,480 fatalities from the pandemic, the only two states left to report a fatality are Wyoming and Hawaii. A member of the White House's coronavirus task force, Dr Anthony Fauci, reportedly predicted that the coronavirus infections could even rise to one million. Where the entire country has been struggling with the recent health emergency, President Donald Trump on March 29, reportedly kept his calm while he said that the country would be able to "a very good job" if they happened to contain the death rate to 1,00,000 or less.

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World upside down

The novel coronavirus which originated in China has now infected over 7,35,000 people all over the world and has claimed nearly 34,800 lives worldwide. People have been forced to isolate themselves completely, following home quarantine and social distancing. The highly contagious virus has been escalating at a rapid case, turning the world upside down. Many nations have been put under a complete lockdown in an attempt to fight the deadly COVID-19. 

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