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Coronavirus: NYC Death Toll Surpasses 9/11 Fatalities; US Cases Soar To 395,675

Earlier on Monday, New York - the worst-hit state in the US by the pandemic Coronavirus declared that the lockdown in the state is extended till April 29.


Engulfed by the Coronavirus, the New York City's death toll rose beyond 3,200 on Tuesday, transcending the number of those killed in the Twin Tower terror attack on 9/11. The US confirmed 395,675 and a total of 12,795 COVID-19 related deaths on Wednesday.

The deadliest terror attack masterminded by Osama Bin Laden had killed 2,753 people in the New York City and 2,977 overall when the hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, 2001. On April 7, the New York state recorded a whooping 731 new deaths due to the Coronavirus, its biggest one-day jump yet. 

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Following the development in New York, US President Donald Trump took to Twitter and pinned the blame on the World Health Organisation (WHO), saying it was the international body that 'really blew it'. Trump who has faced severe criticism for his delayed response to the COVID-19 pandemic, claimed that WHO was very China-centric, hinting at a change in funding after stating 'WHO was largely funded by the US'. He also questioned why WHO advised closing borders to China, terming it 'faulty recommendation'.

China's COVID-19 epicentre reopens 

Wuhan, China's epicentre of the Coronavirus and the alleged place of origin, lifted its 76-day lockdown. Chinese authorities are moving to allow residents of Wuhan to once again travel in and out of the sprawling city where the pandemic began. Restrictions in the city where most of China's more than 82,000 virus cases and over 3,300 deaths were reported to have been gradually relaxed in recent weeks as the number of new cases steadily declined. The latest government figures reported Tuesday listed no new cases. However, speculations have been raised over the number provided by China. 

A 57-year-old female shrimp seller in China's Wuhan city had been identified as one of the first victims of COVID-19. Last week, China reopened its infamous 'wet markets' which is touted as having served as the origin of the Coronavirus. China has been widely panned for its response to the Coronavirus outbreak on a number of fronts.

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