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Donald Trump Slams George W Bush For Not Speaking Against Impeachment

Donald Trump has mounted an unprecedented attack on the former US President, George W Bush on May 3 for posting a message on deadly coronavirus outbreak.


US President Donald Trump mounted an unprecedented attack on the former owner of the White House, George W Bush on May 3 for posting a message to address the challenges that coronavirus outbreak poses on America but being “nowhere to be found” when Democrats had impeached Trump. In an emotional message, Bush talked about the pandemic being “bigger” than the differences between people and called for unity. The former US President even compared the current global health crisis with the chaos the US faced back in September 2011. 

Bush said that he had witnessed the United States to have risen as “great nation” and “embrace unavoidable new duties” when Al-Qaeda led terror attacks took place just a few months after Bush acquired the White House. However, the nearly three-minute-long video posted by Bush had no mention of the current Republican President and that seemed to have provoked Trump to quote a reporter from an international media outlet.

The anchor had said that even though Bush’s message is appreciated, “where was he during Impeachment calling for putting partisanship aside”. Trump posted the quote and added, “He was nowhere to be found in speaking up against the greatest Hoax in American history”.

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Trump administration criticised

The coronavirus outbreak has surrounded the Trump administration with criticism and several officials have questioned the country's response to the health crisis. While the US President has repeatedly lauded the White House and even claimed that America is doing "far better than many other countries". At one instance trump even said that the "only reason" the cases of COVID-19 infection in the country are high is the vigorous testing.

Recently, the only Democratic candidate in 2020 presidential elections in America, Joe Biden has asked US President Donald Trump to “stop blaming others” and instead “do his job”.  The former US Vice President took the opportunity to urge Democrat supporters to make “Trump a one-time president”. While the coronavirus cases continue to spike in the country, Trump has not only encouraged the state governors to re-open businesses but has blamed the policies by Barack Obama for initially conducting limited COVID-19 tests. 

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